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"I had a dream that I was standing outside Spike Lee’s beach house strumming a guitar singing the opening lines of the song, “I don’t need no money or fame”. When I woke, I went straight for my guitar and let out the first verse and the chorus. The rest came a few days later. 


At first it felt like a tune about not chasing after money or fame. You know, just trying to let what’s meant for you find you. But I feel like the song turned into a conversation about when to be passive and when to stand up for something. The first verse is more like, just let it be or you’ll lose yourself. The second verse stays with this theme, but ends with the realization that there are certain things we can’t just let be. Things we have to fight for. That’s a tough balance these days because we do need to fight injustice, but the onslaught of information and social media can really paralyze us if we don’t keep our boundaries up. 


This is the first single off a really special batch of upcoming material that unites music makers from all over the world. For this one, we had myself and Matias record guitar and keys in Ireland. Bass, drums, and backing vocals were recorded in New York by some of my closest friends, Rocky, Seth, and Eric. We all used to play in a vocal harmony driven reggae band called Rocky and The Pressers, so I wanted to make sure they put their stamp on this tune. Then, I was lucky enough to get in the studio with Victor Rice in São Paulo, Brazil to record lead vocals and scheme on the production. From there, we handed the material to an amazing Argentinian producer/drummer, Glik, of El Natty Combo who added incredible percussion and helped with pre-production. Finally we gave it all back to Victor, who got his go-to Brazilian horn section to lay down the brass before he mixed it into submission. It was an incredible experience, and it’s just the start."

-Danny McDonald (DMac Burns)

Whatever It Will Be 

I don’t need no money or fame

I just need to hold my love with faith

Knowing it’s a losing game 

To look for reasons why there’s somebody else to blame

See I could only hope that I would see 

The world through eyes as open wide as they could be

But I’m so tired from the fights and screams 

That I think I’ll lay low and watch it be 


Whatever it will be

Whatever it will be, yeah

Whatever it will be

Whatever it will be will be


Money is a thing we need to live 

But when I find myself chasing after it

I lose control and dig a bed of debt

A grave for misaligned intentions

Reaching out in stressful mentions

Hoping for success while clenching

Oh if I could only write a song that would 

Make my plight just vanish with my wrongs 

I would ball out, my ego flexing hard

But if I called out for my love and found that she were gone

I could never let that 



I could never let it be. No no

I could never let that be 

I could never let it be. Whatever it would be


I don’t need no money or fame

I just need to hold my love with faith

Knowing it’s a losing game 

To look for reasons why to carry someone else’s shame

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