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I wrote this tune while staying in a pod on a farm in rural Ireland for five weeks during the pandemic. It was the start of this whole concept for the EP. It was a strange time. Locked down in a small space in winter with my wife and a guitar, watching chaos unfold in the U.S. as extremists stormed the capital. It felt like the whole world was being forced to face its shadow and own it. 
We recently shot a video for this one in West Cork, Ireland. It features my baby daughter, Saoirse, playing an earth child who guides me into the depths of my own shadow side. It gets pretty trippy and there may or may not be fire dancers. The video actually picks up right where my last video for the song, "Views" finishes. It's as if I was suddenly transported from the Miami mansion of that video, to a field in rural Ireland. To be honest, it kinda felt like that when I moved to West Cork. The video was directed by my wife, Aoife Williamson and shot/edited by our friend, Giles Carey who is an amazing West Cork-based videographer. It features art direction from Etaoin Melville, an unreal Cork-based visual artist.  

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