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This EP is inspired by the concept of the dark night of the soul. It is a glance at our collective shadow side. In essence, it is how I processed the post-pandemic realization that our way of existing on this planet has reached a breaking point. Through traveling around the United States working in music, entertainment, and film in various capacities I had a painful and sudden epiphany. This way of life cannot continue. I truly felt the hollowness and greed that surrounds us all and I wrote these songs to process that. I released it on the 21st of June, the longest day of year in the northern hemisphere, symbolically bringing the darkness into the light.

The whole thing is produced and mixed by Julian Giaimo, an amazing producer based in Bethel, NY, just a stone's throw away from the site of the original Woodstock Music Festival. It was a collaboration between myself, Julian, and two of my oldest friends/bandmates, Rocky Russo and Seth Nicholson. One of the tracks, “Night” features a verse from an incredible New York based singer called Sewell. The project was mastered by grammy-nominated engineer, Prash “Engine Earz” Mistry (Jorja Smith, Kali Uchis) in London.

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