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"'Night' is a reflection on a journey into the shadow of money. What can we learn from the hustle? Is there something new or will we always be left with a hollow feeling inside? I actually heard the melody and rhythm of the tune in a dream and was able to capture it soon after waking. Then the lyrics came over the next few weeks. I was on the road a lot at the time and I was feeling the futility of chasing money.  

It is a collaboration with an amazing New York based singer called Sewell, who enters on the second verse and seductively reminds me to wake up and think about what really matters. I met her at an open mic in my hometown bar, An Béal Bocht, in The Bronx. When I heard her sing there, I thought she could add something cool to the track. I moved to Ireland a couple weeks after meeting her, so we ended up finishing the track remotely. When I returned to New York for a bit this past April, we teamed up and shot the music video. The video features the neighborhood in the Bronx that I grew up in and takes place in the same Irish pub where Sewell and I met. The video was directed by my wife, Aoife Williamson, and shot/edited by our friend Sarah Jay Halliday. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The song is part of my new EP, The Longest Night which came out on the  21st of June. The album deals with similar themes of facing our shadow side, particularly in regards to money and work." - DMac Burns 


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